Just home from seeing both Nutcracker shows. And what cracking performances they were too! We are so fortunate to have such an excellent dance school in the Wexford School of Ballet & Performing Arts. The standard of performances was superb. Well done to all the wonderful dancers. They brought tears to my eyes to see them dance their hearts out today. Thank you so much to Suzanne and her team.

Iris Johnston (parent)

It is a home away from home for the students where they learn respect for themselves and each other while learning the art of dance and performing while managing to have a whole load of fun too!!!!

Shelly Codd (parent)

Not only a dance school with excellent standard and teachers but a place where firm friendships are made for life. My little girl is now the second generation to pass through Mrs. O Leary and Suzanne’s hands. Not just a school but a family!

Rebecca Keeling (parent)

Couldn’t be better in any way, teachers go above and beyond, Never want to leave.

Maria Cullen

WSBPA is a place where i have learned valuable life lessons. I have been taught the importance of hard work and discipline, dedication and perseverance. WSBPA is a home away from home where i have been show that family isn’t just limited to bloodline.

Holly Johnston

It has given me the confidence to do what I love and has taught me so much about performing. I have been taught things I would never learn anywhere else. I have been treated so well and always love coming to singing and dancing class. This is my favourite place to be and WSBPA means the world to me.

Emily Brazzill

WSBPA was like my second family growing up. I started as a little 3 year old and I grew up here. Most of my fondest memories have happened here in WSBPA and I’m so thankful to all the teachers that helped me throughout the years to grow and mature. I know that the friends and memories I’ve made here will be my lifelong friends. Dance has bonded us in a way that’s difficult to describe. WSBPA has reared all of us Honohans and I can’t thank you all enough.

Meadhbh Honohan

The WSBPA has been such a huge part of my childhood. In my time here I have learned so much more than ballet and modern dance. I have made life-long friends here and will never forget the great moments I have had here, both on and off the stage.

Anne Gayer

WSBPA means everything. The school and staff gave me more than just dancing lessons. It gave me life lessons that I will never forget.

Caoimhe Finn

My favourite memories of my childhood and teenage years are of evenings spent in the studio in John Street with some of the best people, who soon became a second family. The best years of my life I’m sure! x

Niamh Cullen