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Mission Statement

Our mission at WSBPA is to provide professional dance instruction and instill an appreciation for the art of dance. We will encourage students of all ages and skill levels to excel to their fullest potential while having fun.


Ballet is the most demanding type of dance. All other forms of dance benefit from its precise execution of movement and artistic interpretation. Ballet classes help the young dancer to develop balance, timing, strength and creative expression. Students will also establish a foundation of proper form that will help prevent injury and establish the confidence necessary to move forward to other forms of dance.


This class is offered to students who have had ballet training and have developed the strength that is required to move forward into pointe training. Placement in this class will be made at the discretion of the ballet teacher and faculty.


Tap is the discipline that teaches dancers to use their feet as a rhythm instrument. Students in this class will learn intricate footwork that helps to develop agility, musicality, and stylized movement. Also included are the basic exercises, time steps, and tap combinations that make tapping so much fun.

Modern/Hip Hop

Modern places emphasis on contemporary technique, rhythm, and style. All classes begin with a warm-up using isolations, bending and stretching exercises, followed by dance combination of turns, kicks, leaps, and jumps. Younger jazz students will learn basic acrobatics. As students progress, more advanced combinations and different styles of Modern, such as Jazz and hip-hop, will be introduced.

I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself. - Mikhail Baryshnikov

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